Laguna Beach Resort 3 Maldives

Your tropical paradise in the heart of Jomtien, South Pattaya, Thailand.

Featuring a full range of facilities and amenities unprecedented in the Pattaya real estate arena, all exclusive to the Laguna Beach Resort brand. Laguna Beach Resort 3 is the ideal choice for savvy investors looking for a second home or passive income.

Starts from 1.149M Only.

Freehold Foreign and Thai / company ownership available

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Explore this stunning, 25,000 sqm resort complex with its full range of on-site facilities, and enjoy a birds eye view of the huge 5000 sqm pool area.
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Enjoy a full range of on-site facilities and amenities, including sun-drenched relaxation zones across the development site.

Reception Lobby Area

Commercial area


Communal Garden Area

Communal Pool 5000 SQM

Water slide

3 white Sand Beaches

Communal Gym



CCTV (Video Surveillance)

24H Security

Gated secure entrance

Garage Car Parking

Underground parking

Gold Promotion

Free gold bar rewards for all Thai/ Company Ownership buyers.

Gold Rewards start at 5 BAHT GOLD – Payable upon transfer of ownership.

* Thai/ company quota only

Type S3

Start Price: 1.149M

View: City View

22.5 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type S1

Start Price: 1.249M

View: City View

25 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type S2

Start Price: 1.499M

View: Pool View

27 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type S4

Start Price: 1.499M

View: Pool View

28 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type A1

Start Price: 1.875M

View: City View

1 Bedroom
37.5 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type A2

Start Price: 2.249M

View: Pool View

1 Bedroom
40.5 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type S3-S3

Start Price: 2.298M

View: Exterior View

1 Bedroom
45 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type A4

Start Price: 2.299M

View: Pool View

1 Bedroom
41.5 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type S1-S1

Start Price: 2.498M

View: Exterior View

1 Bedroom
50 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type S4-S4

Start Price: 2.998M

View: Pool View

1 Bedroom
56 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type S2-S2

Start Price: 2.998M

View: Pool View

1 Bedroom
54 Sq.m.
* Thai/ company quota only

Type A4-A4

Start Price: 4.498M

View: Pool View

2 Bedrooms
83 Sq.m.

Price Lists

LAGUNA BEACH 3G31337.23backA12.1591.875
LAGUNA BEACH 3G21337.23backA12.1591.875
LAGUNA BEACH 3F808cd22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3F807cd22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3F605cr22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3F604cr22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3F407cr22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3F406cr22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3F232cr27.12poolS41.5731.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3F231cr27.88poolS41.6171.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3F21841.44poolA42.4042.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3F104cr22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3F103cr22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3E83227.12poolS41.5731.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3E823cr27.88poolS41.6171.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3E822cr27.88poolS41.6171.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3E81540.91poolA42.3732.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3E806cd22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3E805cd22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3E72141.58poolA42.4122.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3E71641.54poolA42.4092.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3E52941.58poolA42.4122.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3E52627.88poolS41.6171.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3E42427.88poolS41.6171.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3E42141.58poolA42.4952.495
LAGUNA BEACH 3E207cr22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3E206cr22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3E12841.58poolA42.4122.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3E12141.58poolA42.4122.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3E11641.54poolA42.4092.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3D82941.58poolA42.4122.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3D73227.01poolS41.5671.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3D73127.88poolS41.6171.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3D71641.54poolA42.4092.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3D705cr22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3D704cr22.93backS31.331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3D624cr27.88poolS41.6171.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3D623cr27.88poolS41.6171.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3D52327.88poolS41.617
LAGUNA BEACH 3D31540.92poolA42.3732.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3C813cr22.95backS31.3311.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3C812cr22.5backS31.3051.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3C61540.76poolA42.3642.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3C41641.39poolA42.4012.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3C31540.76poolA42.3642.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3C302cr22.99backS31.3331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3C301cr22.63backS31.3131.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3C113cd22.95backS31.3311.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3C112cd22.5backS31.3051.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3C104cr22.99backS31.3331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3C103cr22.99backS31.3331.149
LAGUNA BEACH 3B82766.67poolE33.8673.349
LAGUNA BEACH 3B632cr27.77poolS41.6111.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3B631cr27.71poolS41.6071.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3B52766.67poolE33.8673.349
LAGUNA BEACH 3B42766.67poolE33.8673.349
LAGUNA BEACH 3B32766.67poolE33.8673.349
LAGUNA BEACH 3B22766.67poolE33.8673.349
LAGUNA BEACH 3B22227.15poolS41.5751.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3B130cr41.44poolA42.4042.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3B129cr41.03poolA42.382.299
LAGUNA BEACH 3B12766.67poolE33.8673.349
LAGUNA BEACH 3B12027.19poolS41.5771.499
LAGUNA BEACH 3A805cr25.26backS11.4651.249
LAGUNA BEACH 3A804cr25.26backS11.4651.249
LAGUNA BEACH 3A42240.23poolA22.3332.249
LAGUNA BEACH 3A42140.23poolA22.3332.249
LAGUNA BEACH 3A30137.37backA12.1671.875
LAGUNA BEACH 3A22240.23poolA22.3332.249
LAGUNA BEACH 3A22140.23poolA22.3332.249
LAGUNA BEACH 3A21726.89pools21.561.499

*CR denotes combined room
*CD denotes connecting door

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Payment Terms

Foreign ownership

  1. 20,000 THB Booking Fee (40,000 THB for a double unit)
  2. 30% On Contract within 14 days
  3. 70% 1 Month thereafter on handover and transfer

Thai / company ownership

  1. 20,000 THB Booking Fee (40,000 THB for a double unit)
  2. 15% On Contract within 14 Days
  3. 85% 1 Month thereafter on handover and transfer
  4. Conditions are reserved for customers completing full payment and transferring ownership of the unit within 45 days only

Unit Type

Complimentary furniture package with every apartment.

Free gold bar rewards for all Thai/ Company Ownership buyers.
  • Bed and mattress
  • 2 x bedside tables
  • Sofa (1 and 2 bedroom only)
  • Coffee table (1 and 2 bedroom only)
  • Dining table and 2 chairs
  • Fully fitted European standard kitchen and bathroom
  • Air conditioning

*Duplicates provided for double units

Master Plan

Key Features

  • Seven-building Maldives-themed resort comprising over 1,800 luxury apartments
  • Land size of over 25,000 square meters with over 15,000 sqm recreational area
  • Enormous meandering Maldives-themed lagoon pool running through the entire project with Jacuzzi zones, lush landscaping, botanical gardens, waterfalls and artificial beach areas
  • Relaxation gazebos and pavilions
  • Poolside Sauna
  • Commercial area
  • Fully equipped gymnasium
  • Access-controlled underground parking
  • 24 hour security, manned & monitored, with CCTV
  • Free Wifi connectivity for all residents

Unit Features

Apartment Specifications

  • Pre-installed air conditioning units in every room with external concealed CDU systems
  • Gypsum ceilings with concealed atmospheric lighting
  • European-standard fitted bathrooms with marble-style tiling
  • Quality porcelain interior tiles (Cream)
  • Private balcony in every apartment, fully tiled
  • Pre-installed water heater in every apartment
  • Built-in wardrobes & built-in kitchen cabinets
  • Solid and stylish steel-core security entry doors with electronic entry system
  • Quality WPVC internal doors
  • Composite aluminium kitchen splash back & solid granite kitchen work-surfaces
  • Complimentary furniture package in every apartment


Tropical beachside location near Jomtien Beach, local attractions and landmarks.
164 Moo 12 Thepprasit soi 1 Muang Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

Popular landmarks

  • Jomtien Beach – 670 m
  • Big Buddha Temple – 2.6 km
  • Walking Street Pattaya – 3.8 km
  • Pattaya Floating Market – 3.9 km
  • Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm – 4.0 km
  • Pattaya Beach – 4.5 km
  • Central Festival Pattaya Beach – 4.7 km
  • Beach Rd – 5.2 km
  • The Sanctuary Of Truth – 9.0 km
  • Koh Lan – 11.4 km

Nearby landmarks

  • Kattika pharmacy – 390 m
  • Royal Norwegian Consulate – 390 m
  • Three Kingdoms Park – 390 m
  • Royal Danish Consulate – 390 m
  • Jomtien Beach Night Market – 400 m
  • Play park Angry Birds – 470 m
  • Jomtien Beach – 670 m
  • Racha Dental Clinic – 680 m
  • Rom Pho Parking – 730 m
  • Knowing – 810 m
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